Home Blood Test Results

private-blood-testing-for-couplesHome Blood Test allows patients both the convenience of collecting blood at home and the accuracy and resultant official certification that comes with laboratory analysis.

Using home test kits you will need to collect a fingerprick sample – just 2 tiny vials of blood and send it in the supplied secure envelope to our CPA accredited blood analysis laboratory.

Once you have ordered your private blood tests online, we send out your pathology pack by first class post.

You then just need to provide a sample or have your blood drawn by a Phlebotomist, Nurse or Doctor and send off your sample in the supplied bio-envelope to our Laboratory .

“Results are often available the same day as the sample receipt!”

Upon arrival at the laboratory it will be analysed within hours and the results sent through to our Doctor, who will pass comment upon your home blood test results.

We will then forward the laboratory certificate and our Doctor’s comments to you by email.

Home Blood Test Results


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