• Easy order online Blood Tests

    Home blood test .co.uk allows patients both the convenience of collecting blood at home and the accuracy and resultant official certification that comes with laboratory analysis.

    Using home test kits you will need to collect a fingerprick sample - just 2 tiny vials of blood and send it in the supplied secure envelope to our CPA accredited blood analysis laboratory.

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  • Athlete Hormone Check

    This profile was requested by a national athletic group, but its numerous inclusions will make it relevant for both athletes and non athletes alike, in fact anyone that requires a comprehensive hormonal analysis of their blood.

    Includes essential health markers to identify over training or over supplementing.

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doctors-choice-blood-testsHome Blood Test WellMan & WellWoman Health Check
Our WellMan & WellWoman Health Check focuses on ten core areas of your health.Diabetes, Heart Disease, Tests for Ovarian or Prostate cancer, a bowel cancer check, a liver check, kidney check, Iron check, Thyroid Check, Inflammation check and Vitamin levels.
Home Blood Test Thyroid Check Plus 10
This is the best value Thyroid Home Health Check available in the UK Today. We challenge you to find better!
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Ease of testing your blood from the comfort of your home

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Private Home Blood Tests

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